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Billipets 20cm Premium cotton Soft Plush Squeaky Puppies

Billipets 20cm Premium cotton Soft Plush Squeaky Puppies

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  • Plush and squeaker dog toy
  • The plush toy contain squeakers
  • Length : 20cm
  • Suitable for small and medium dogs

Details: "A lovely squeaky toy. The toys have squeaker in the body that will attract the dog's attention. The toy is designed to motivate their natural hunting instinct and encourage them to come back for more to released their excess energy. squeaky toys would help release their anxiety and pressure, cleaning their teeth, and reduce their destructive behavior No longer worry about your dog’s alone at home, or pillows, sofas, shoes, etc. getting destroyed. Squeaky toys help dogs to exercise more and improve their health, quality playing time together will also increase their bonds with owners. Natural cotton cloth filled with best squeakers, our toys are not only adorable to dogs but so safe and durable. Suitable for small to medium size dogs. "

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